Humans Aren’t Really Monsters….All The Time.


Let’s take a second to revel in how beautifully cropped my little shirt is. I’m sure in this moment my mother was asking us to do something specific, and I denied her request as usual, looking at my brother for guidance. PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. (If you get that reference, congratulations, you understand my obsession with Vince Vaughn).

On to the actual reason for this blog post. Recently I’ve witnessed so many things that have made my heart swell because humans, although we can be monsters, can also be gentle, loving, and kind. I was in the grocery store in Sun City, and an older gentleman had taken a slight fall in one of the aisles. I walked very quickly, along with about eight other people, to help this man up. Why do I love this? It shows selflessness. Were the tomatoes more important than helping this man up? No. My heart swelled because people have this embedded sense to help others. I believe this comes from knowing what needing help feels like, how embarrassing it could be.

Today in Starbucks, a little girl, probably five years old, pointed at me and told her parents I looked different from her. They asked her why and she said “because she smiles more than we do Daddy”. Here I was, thinking she was going to point out the color of my skin, or my hair, or something related to being black and having darker skin. Children have the ability to see past what adults seem to focus on. This also means that I was smiling in Starbucks looking like a complete freak on my computer (you nailed it, it was probably something Vince Vaughn related).

Nevertheless, let’s look at all the beautiful things humans are capable of. I want to jump for joy when I see others helping people across the street, or helping someone with directions because they are new to town. It all adds up, it is all positive. Do we get anything out of it? Not necessarily, but it makes the world seem more beautiful right? If you get the chance, please compliment someone today. Tell your server he/she is doing a great job. Pet that puppy because puppies need to be pet, and loved, and baby talked. To recap: People are beautiful, you are beautiful, life is beautiful, puppies are beautiful.




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