It’s Okay To Be Weird, I Promise.


(childhood pictures are always a good thing to get people’s attention. So do it).

The first thing I notice about a person is their eyelashes.
If people are talking to me, 80% of the time I’ll be typing the words with my hands subtly.
I like to walk up to people and say “You have a nice smile” and then see them smile. (I’m serious).

Does this make me weird? It seems fairly normal to me. The list of things that I’ve been told make me weird could go on. I’m okay with that. I’ve come to embrace my idiosyncrasies. A lot of the normal things happen in my head, and then when I try to explain them to someone that’s when it appears weird. For example, a lot of people already know that I whip out my British accent in places I’ve never been before. Why do I do this? It is fun and challenges people to listen to me more closely. It also sometimes gets me free things. If you are with me, I will warn you before hand and ask you if you are able to do it so my cover isn’t blown (cut to that scene in Inglourious Basterds where Donny Donowitz and Omar have to kill the doormen without error). You think I’m kidding, but I’m serious.

If there is a type of music you like that none of your other friends like, BIG WHOOP. Listen to it anyway. Is there a certain way you eat your food, fold your clothes, or dance? Keep doing it. Dance how you want. If you dance wide and make a lot of space for yourself, even better. Being weird makes you unique, and prevents you from being boring. I like to pretend I’m leading a militia into battle if I’m driving and there are a pack of cars behind me. Same thing goes for walking into a department store or grocery store. MOBB DEEP.

Here’s my point: Celebrate those little things, and if they make you an outsider you shouldn’t see it as a negative thing. I mean, I find Middle Eastern men super attractive, and for some reason that’s weird. Really, I find all cultures and people beautiful because they are different. Oh the things we could learn from people who are not like us! Keep counting your steps, singing while waiting for the microwave to stop, or making decisions based off of even numbers. It is okay to be weird, and to be looked at, and to be questioned. To end, here is a list of five other things about me you might not know/find weird:

1. I love a good drum solo at a stop light.
2. Multiple times a day I will look off into space as if I was in Parks & Rec. (look, it makes my life more interesting).
3. I am an avid watcher of video game walkthroughs on Youtube.
4. I am still very VERY upset that they got rid of the lemon Jolly Rancher.
5. Contrary to popular opinion, I think Steve Buscemi has a “I just woke up from a nap and have been through 4 million other things, but dinner is ready for you” type of look that is very charming. (Javan, I know you’re gonna fight me on this one, but my original statement stands).

Always stay weird.



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