Where Are Your Real Friends?


This picture really has nothing to do with the post, but what I need you to understand is that I’ve always been fierce (peep that biggie smalls stare)

Moving forward: Some of my friends have to go. Some of your friends have to go. I am no longer keeping in touch with people who don’t want to keep in touch with me. You deserve friends who are going to be responsive. I’m very tired of trying to keep up because I feel bad. If there is no reciprocation, chances are you really don’t matter to that person or need them. Look around at your life and figure out which people are there for you, especially during those in between moments of life.

I have always been a people pleaser, a “I will text these people because they are my friends and that’s my job” type of person. The one who tries to ask how you’re doing, but in turn receives a stale response. But Charyse, what happened to sticking it out because you love them, because you care about them? You are right. If that works for you, go ahead and run your well dry by the time you are 25. I’m choosing to walk away.

And let me make something clear: There are people I haven’t talked to in a long time, but when I do, we are the same silly people as before. Don’t get your lifelong friends confused with friends who don’t have time for you and use the excuse that you’ve been friends forever. I have a picture of my best friends Rhonda & Kayla sitting on my window sill. They have been there from the beginning. I may not talk to them often, we may be in different places, but I never doubt their friendship.

Find friends like that. Keep them in your life. Let go of the people who find you dispensable. If that leaves you with three or four incredible friends, you are going to be okay.



3 thoughts on “Where Are Your Real Friends?

  1. Amen!!!! Friendship is a two way street. I love what you said about being tired of trying to keep up because you feel bad. Satan tells me that lie all the time, that I have to keep up with everyone and that if I don’t, I should feel guilty for it, and for even considering contacting them for support. Thanks for this truth!

  2. I love you Charyse. No matter what happens in our lives you will always be my best friend as well. Wish I didn’t work so much.. I could go visit you. 🙂 love you.

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