You should call your mom more than twice a year.

I get it, you’re busy. You have class, you have work, you have tons of friends
who are blowing up your phone with text messages about going to the club on friday night. You are killin the instagram game right now and your followers are expecting a new picture on time. Hey, maybe you and your boothang live thousands of miles away from each other so skyping for three hours is your only option. I GET IT (but not particularly because I do not have a boothang, but feel free to holla atcho girl).

All of those things are great, and a lot of them are helpful in getting through the day, but do not get so caught up in showing yourself to the world and being busy that you forget to call your mom or dad. They would love to hear from you even if it was for ten minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I know not everyone has the relationship with their parents where they can just call and talk to them. However, I talk to my mom nearly every day, and if not, she’ll leave a message which usually consists of “Hi, it’s me. I’m home, call me when you get the chance. Love you, bye”. Like clockwork. She says I love you every time, and I know that every time she means it. Is that so hard? nah.

This is why twice a year won’t work (and before you scoff just hear me out playa): Calling your parents should not be a reminder on a sticky note on the side of the fridge where nobody can see. Yes, you are young and thriving and life is hitting you every which way. We can write a paragraph about our day on Facebook (why are you doing that, stop), and meet friends for lunch, and study for hours because finals determine if you get the guillotine or not. It is interesting that we call our parents if something is wrong, or if we need something, but we can’t just ask how they are doing. We need to be better ladies and fellas. Our parents deserve better. They need to know that we love and appreciate them. (And don’t act like you don’t love your momma, because you know she gives the best hugs and will ball out in the kitchen to make your favorite meal).

Good talk. Now go make that call.




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